moving tips and faq's

To make moving day go as smooth as possible we have put together a list of tips and FAQ's


Hertfordshire home removals

Q.Can you take fuel canisters?
A.No,unfortunately we are unable to take any flammables in our vehicles. Lawn mowers should also be emptied of fuel prior to moving day. Q.Do I need to empty and defrost my freezer? A.Yes, fridges and freezers should be emptied and defrosted prior to your move. Q.Do I need to empty drawers in pieces of furniture? A. If the drawers are able to be removed from the unit we can take them out while they are being carried into the vehicle and then replace them when in the vehicle. If they can't, the items must be removed as they will likely be very heavy when full. Divan drawers must be emptied. Q.Do I need to disconnect my appliances? A.We are able to disconnect standard washing machines and dishwashers however, we cannot replumb them. Q.Do you take down light fittings, TVs or curtain poles? A. We do not remove anything screwed into walls and light fittings and shades need to be removed prior to moving. Q.Do I need to remove items from the loft? A.Generally yes. We will remove items if the loft is fully boarded out and has fitted stairs and lighting, If doing an online quote please indicate whether you would like the items removed from the loft.